I am often asked where to find some of the promo CDs in my discography.
Here's how to find them:

  1. Go to a LOT of record shows. I can't stress this enough. Everything shows up at record shows sooner or later. Ask every vendor if they have anything from the Bosstones. Most won't. Some will, but usually not with them. Get an address or phone number and contact them later. Or better yet, find out where the next show is and ask them to bring their stuff then. If you ask for the Bosstones a lot, the vendors will start searching out stuff for you since they know they can sell it. For a decent listing of record shows in your area, pick up a copy of Goldmine Magazine.

  2. eBay, eBay, eBay. If you don't know what eBay is, go to eBay and find out what you're missing. Use their Search Page and try searching for Bosstones and make sure you check the "Search Title AND Description" box to get the most results.

  3. Search the Internet. Especially the newsgroups. Try the Google Groups search engine. Try searching for "Bosstones CD" or "Bosstones promo" that usually works pretty good. The articles are a week behind but it's really darn handy. Also give Scott's Music Page a try. It has links to hundreds of music vendors on the web. With a little luck and hard work, you might find something good.

  4. Look in a record collectors magazine like Goldmine or Discoveries. These are just two, there are several on the market. Go to Borders or Barnes & Noble and look through the magazine racks, you'll find them. Bosstones merchandise will make an appearance occasionally but not enough to justify buying the magazine. Just go over to the coffee section, have a seat, and read it there.

  5. Get on the 737 mailing list. 737 often offers import versions of the regular CDs with added bonus tracks. Sometimes, they offer free promo CDs when you buy a particular item.

  6. Check out my Auction link on the main page. When I come across extra copies of promo CDs or whatever, I'll put them up for auction there. Of course, since they aren't exactly easy to find, I often have to buy them from other collectors, they won't go cheap. I suggest you try the other 4 routes above first and then check out my stuff.

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